Wednesday, July 22, 2009

July 23rd.

Dear Students:
Below is a copy of the handout I gave you. Check your email to see if you have gotten a link to the workbook, if you do not have Windows Vista you may not be able to open it. I can get you a hard copy in Aug. It is highly recommended that you fill it out. The additions from this point out will be required as homework for you to use as a guide. Please try to do the "Study of Me?" it is quite insightful.

Elana will work on Post/prenatal yoga on the 10th of Aug. This will be an all day course on this subject. I am going to ask her to teach asana practice for at least one hour.

We will do a class review for A & P on the 24th. For now study your notes. Cindee has requested that you study all your notes, especially what she pointed out in class. I gave Cindee the information I wanted you to know for A&P and she is writing the test.


Opening Series Activities:

July 20th A&P Cindee
Aug 10th Prenatal /Postnatal workshop Elana
Aug. 24th.& 30th: Back to school: opening series,

Create an opening series and understand why? See worksheet on Opening Poses
Be able to teach the beginning of class: Focused Meditation or Transition, Pranayama (three part breathing or ujjayi breathing, opening poses, be able to discuss why we do each of these things.
Why do we practice opening meditation?

Why do practice ujjayi breathing?

Why do we practice opening poses, what are the benefits?

• Use clarity of instruction and monitor your volume, speak like making an announcement in a calming and direct tone.
• Give directions of the movement, use descriptive language
• Be able to discuss the major muscles and joints.
• Be ready to teach the beginning of a class and two or three poses for the middle: These poses have been charted: Six poses to learn.
Down dog- Adho Mukha Shavasana
Child’s Pose-Balasana
Mt. Pose-Tadasana
Warrior 1,2,and Revolve: Vira 1, Vira 2, and revolved

We will be moving to the middle of class, charting poses and learning three vinyasas:
Ardah Surya Namaskar-Half Sun Salute
Surya Namaskar-Sun Salutation
Ashtanga Salutation

Sunday, July 5, 2009

July 20th class.

Monday July 20th we will meet for our 2nd session on Anatomy. Cindee and I will put together a review sheet for you. I will be going over more anatomy throughout the course. There will not be a quiz until fall as I had to rearrange some things to fit everything in and want to make sure to get special populations in with Anatomy.
I have to say I really miss our Mondays and am ready to get back to the Monday classes. If you have been to all the classes, or missed only one class and took the workshop with me prior to school starting, and you have thirty non contact hours with an RYT teacher, you will be able to graduate the first Monday in Dec.. However you are welcome and encouraged to continue (and participate) to come to class as most of the students finish up through January.
Please review your poses that we diagrammed and start familiarizing yourself with the instructions in your Yoga Book. We will be asking you to give instructions on poses. Don't let this worry you as we will be there to encourage you and help you along.
Hope you are having a wonderful summer.