Tuesday, December 15, 2009


Hello Ladies,
Well we are wrapping up, and I can't believe it's almost over. What a fun day Monday: Thank you for the wonderful teaching Golden,Lucy, and Carol!

This coming week we meet at Jackson House at 9:45. We will split between the kitchen and the thrift store. We will switch midway through so everyone has a chance to see how both are run. I would like everyone to get a chance to work the window in pairs. I don't need to do it so from 12-1 I will pair you up so you can serve food.

Remember to bring a side item for the potluck at Golden's following our trip to JH.

Here is the recipe for the candy I made:

2 bags of good chocolate (I think 12 oz)
3 cups Mixed nuts, seeds, pistachios, and dried fruit if you like

Melt down chocolate in double broiler, or two pans stacked: one has water in the bottom on a light boil, the top pan holds the choc.

Line 2 rimmed pans: 9 by 13 with wax paper.
Pour hot choc. in pan
Sprinkle nuts on top (divided by two pans)
Cool in fridge one hour or freezer for 40 mins.
Take out and break apart.