Monday, April 19, 2010


Hello Yogini's.
Well we are full and I am very grateful to everyone who has signed up for the course. The prior post has all the supplies and books you will need. Here is some need to know info.

1. Please read Chapter 1 in "Yoga for Idiots" book. I do wish it had a better name;)
2. The YMCA is located at 130 Werner Street off Central, near the bypass and St. Joseph hospital. My cell is 501-538-3036
3. Please arrive by 6p.m. and come upstairs, tell the downstairs staff you are with the school.
4. We will meet in the Y-Fi Cafe upstairs and I'll direct you.
5. There is a Comfort Inn Suites next to the YMCA if you should need a hotel. 501-623-1700

Rough Outline of our schedule:
Friday 6-9: Asana Practice 1.15hr. Lecture time
Saturday 9-11:30 Physical Practice, class time, Lunch 11:30-1:00 (you can bring your lunch if you wish)1:00 to 5:00 Classroom time, 5:30 wrap up and assignments
Sunday (when we have Sun. Classes) 1:30 to 5:00 Class time, physical practice ( how much depends on time), 5:30 Clean up and assignments.

Other helpful info:
We will have a few field trips this year and several guest teachers (prior students) as well as your staff teachers.
Your staff teachers are-
Myself - Courtney Butler E.R.Y.T. - Director, all subjects, your primary teacher.
Cindee Zerr Franklin- E.R.Y.T.- Secondary Teacher, History, Anatomy, Asana, and more.
Mary Stiles- E.R.Y.T.- Sanskrit, Bandha's, and Vegan and Vegetarian diets.
Elana Johnson-E.R.Y.T. Pre and Post Natal.
Please visit the web page for more info.