Friday, March 25, 2011

Updates, homework, what to expect

Hello Yogi's,
I hope you are having a great Spring Break. We will meet up on Monday. We have six weeks to go before graduation. I have some updates for you and some minor changes.
You can turn in your homework on Wed. However if you haven't finished it all I am going to give you an extra week. I have not been able to get all of the homework graded as my family has all been home for Spring Break and we have had a week long volunteer commitment at the local music festival and in the midst of this I have a wretched eye infection. My plan in to sit in the office / classroom and grade papers and catch up the following Monday. With only six weeks to go if everyone makes all the classes, 13 in all each of you should graduate on time.
Also please make sure all your accounts are paid in full by April 30th, in order to graduate accounts have to be fully paid.

Changes: I do not think it is possible to get through every pose in the book before you practice teach, so I am going to take out a few that are likely not going to be taught in a general population class. You are still welcome to go over them and study them and I encourage you to do that on your own.

March 28th, Light on Yoga worksheet, chart poses
3/30: Chart poses, work on homework together
Topics I will cover during our hour morning meeting time:
Yogic Diet, The Business of doing Yoga (will take several days), Children's yoga. And we have a movie to watch.
Each of you will need to pick out a meditation to read, we will take turns teaching meditation, also you will take turns reading from the Sutra's each day. We will get into a pattern over the next two weeks of reading the Sutra's, Morning Yogic Discussion, Lunch, Afternoon physical practice and charting poses.

Starting April 6th we will start teaching in six parts: This will happen on the 13th also, switching parts:
1st part: Opening, set intention, pranayama
2nd part: Opening Poses
3rd part: Half Sun Salute done 3 times plus Vira 1 and 2
4th part: Full Sun Salute, Tree, Forward Fold, Down Dog
5th part: Childs pose, Forward Fold sitting, Bridge, lying down twist
6th part: Meditation, Rescue position, bring them up for three breaths, and Namaste

Mark your calenders: Friday April 15th from 11:45 to 2:15 Elana will be coming to teach Prenatal.
Wed. April 27th Chana Caylor Prince will come lead the Chanting from 12 to 2 p.m.
Graduation is set for May 4th.

See you Monday,

Tuesday, March 8, 2011


Hello Yogi's,
We have a busy schedule before us and will be covering a lot of topics.
Remember much of what you learn in 200 hr training will be basic coverage of many topics, there are workshops and further trainings if you should decide to specialize in a certain area. So many of the topics we will cover will be short, such as mantra, mudra, and bandha. If you want to learn more I can guide you to some of those resources.

9-10 Class with Courtney
10-10:15 Bathroom and Snack Break
10:15-11:00 Mantra, Mudra, Bandha
11-12:00 Lunch
12-12:30 Finish above topics if need be.
12:40 -2:15 Finish Standing poses.

Anatomy quiz and seated postures

Payment info: If you make a payment this week it may not be reflected on your statement. I turn in the checking info once a month and the bookkeeper mails the statements on the 10th. If you have any questions or concerns please let me know.