Friday, June 17, 2011

How to Hire a Yoga Teacher

So now you own a studio, coordinate yoga or fitness programs, or have the need to hire a sub or teacher to assist you. There is more to hiring a yoga teacher than just hiring someone who is strong in asana practice.

Here are five tips to assist you.
1. Take a class with the teacher to see if you all jive. Even if you don't do yoga (lets say you are a fitness coordinator), if you enjoy the class, chances are others will too.
2. Check references for dependability.  Want to kill a yoga program? Have teachers who don't show up or are using subs more than 20% of the time.
3. Hire Yoga Alliance Registered Yoga Teachers. They should have a current card with the letters RYT or ERYT 200 or 500.
4. Check for compassion and integrity. Ask around, soon you will know.
5.  Take nothing for granted. Looks don't guarantee a good yoga teacher, certifications don't guarantee a good teacher. Check the teacher out and take a class or have someone you trust take a class. There are plenty of teachers out there who are certified but are in yoga for the wrong reasons. Check, it's the only way to be sure.
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