Saturday, October 15, 2011

In Humility & Truthfulness. SATYA

Satya - Truthfulness
The second of the Yama's
Yama's are the way we behave towards others, ultimately always coming full circle back to our own behavior and hence how we feel about ourselves.

One of my greatest weaknesses and strengths is my natural gift of "satya".  My husband refers to it as "Your an open book!" (This is not always said as a compliment).
I'm honest to a point of showing my innermost secrets and therefor "freaking" some people out, or maybe it could be said that I sometimes cross boundaries that make people uncomfortable because I am so honest about myself, my past, my frailties. It wasn't always this way for me though. As a child I had a rough way to go and I often lied to cover up the truth about who I was and were I came from. Somewhere down the line I realized that I didn't need to have false bravado or be more than I truly was in others eyes, that people would actually like me better if I was just me, all the garbage, scars, ugliness that I had to offer along with the good (it took me a long time and quite frankly a lot of counseling and a lot of yoga to find the good stuff). That ugliness wasn't me of course, it was not the real me. It was the stuff I carried around like a big heavy bag. I was "I", a person just like you. A person with the same feelings we all share:  loneliness, happiness, sadness, anger, jealousy, love, kindness, and every other verb we can come up. That's just it, those words are action words, we are nouns. We are tangible, we are existence. People change, people grow. Honesty comes from first being honest with yourself and then with others. I can promise you the people you want to have in your life will love you more for the real you, if they cannot except you for who you are it's because they cannot except who they are.

Mediation on Satya: Today I will come from a place of love and be truthful with myself and others. I will honestly take the time to ask myself what I want and what I want my life to look like. I will act out of that place with love and honesty.

Namaste: The best in me salutes the best in you.
I bow in humility and respect.