Wednesday, November 2, 2011


So have you ever heard "Yoga meets you where you are"? That's how I felt when I started doing my readings for this post, my studies that is. So the word Asteya means "no stealing"...well that's easy right? Nope..because we are not talking about taking a candy bar we are talking about so much more. We are talking about not taking credit for things you didn't do. Well that's one aspect but I would like to be more specific to my own situation because I truly believe when I meet you here with humility these post are more meaningful and maybe will help someone else as much as they help me to study and to write about them.

My friend Stacey said the other day that she can't "not be friends" with her students. That is her nature, you visit her studio, you are her friend. She refers to she and I as  "peas and carrots", we just go together. I too am not a person who has many walls, what you see is what you get. The person I am with you is pretty much who I am all the time. Now of course I have personal issues, I get mad, sad, angry, and have even been known to "lose it" with certain members of my family.
Are you wondering how does this relate to Asteya? Well so about an hour after the last post I wrote two weeks ago my husband and I split up. Yup, we separated, since then he has gotten an apartment and we are trying to figure out how to raise four teenagers, share our money, and live apart with little hope of being together again. This is flipping hard stuff, I find my self wanting my children's time, worrying about money, worrying about how to be all I can for my family, my business, my career at the Y. I basically am worried that I don't have enough, enough energy, will power, strength, drive, etc...That is what Asteya is, worry about lack of enough. So each day I read this little book on building a "Buddha Mind" a mind of simplicity, abundance, and love, love for self, love for others. I truly believe if we put our energy towards the positive, if we love ourselves, if we believe that if we put "goodness" out there "goodness" will come will.

Meditation: Today I will "Be for myself" I will love myself, believe the universe will provide for me, I will give freely and trust.

Shanti, Shanti, Shanti, Namaste,