Sunday, February 26, 2012

Green Juice - Detox Drinks

Hello, Hope this finds you well. Many of my friends and students have asked me for the recipe for Green Detox Juice.   I found one similar on Pinterest today. . Pinterest is a web organizing site that lets you put all your favorite things in categories to easily find and share. I LOVE IT!!!!
The juice recipe is really easy here but I would encourage you if you don't have all the ingredients: Make it up.
I find as long as you have some fruits and veggies your good. The ginger and lemon are the big cleaners and always having something green is good. If you know me personally you know I'm a big picture gal and I don't get bogged down in details: I work with people who do to balance me out, like a good yogini. So that being said your goal is to get more fruits and veggies.
As one of my favorite GURU's says "Take chances, make mistakes, get messy!" - Ms. Frizzel (The Magic School Bus, PBS)

Monday, February 13, 2012

Purity and Simplicity

Hello Yogi's,
 Hope this finds you well. As some of you know my life has taken a huge change in the past four months and I have been going through a divorce. It's been hard for me to write or even speak much lately, as my humanness and vulnerability seems very present at all times. Often my energy is used up in a day caring for the kids, the house, and work. So when it comes to writing, I want to, I really do, but I just can't seem to put things together. However, there are so many things that touch me and have helped me lately, and so I find it best for me to share those, because sometimes we are in the winter season, when things are quite, cold, and dark and gratefully there are those people out there who are in their spring or summer flourishing right along with generous amounts of wisdom. 

This is one of my favorite blogs I follow . It's full of helpful info to better your life. My goal in life is to find happiness. Living a simple life, one that has everyday joy is what is important to me. I can say even in my darkest days I find some joy in each one. Maybe it's a cup of coffee, a lunch with a friend, a hug, or very likely my yoga practice. 

Both of these post deal with living simply: Be more with less helps us think about how we can change the world, one small step at a time, and find happiness doing so. 
Then this wonderful excerpt from Donna Farhi explains Shaucha -Purity so beautifully that it's like reading poetry. 


Shaucha, or living purely, involves maintaining a cleanliness in body, mind, and environment so that we can experience ourselves at a higher resolution. The word pure comes from the Latin purus, which means clean and unadulterated. When we take in healthy food, untainted by pesticides and unnatural additives, the body starts to function more smoothly. When we read books that elevate our consciousness, see movies that inspire, and associate with gentle people, we are feeding the mind in a way that nourishes our own peacefulness. Creating a home environment that is elegant, simple, and uncluttered generates an atmosphere where we are not constantly distracted by the paraphernalia of yesterday's projects and last year's knickknacks. Shaucha is a testament to the positive power of association.

Practicing shaucha, meaning "that and nothing else," involves making choices about what you want and don't want in your life. Far from self-deprivation or dry piety, the practice of shaucha allows you to experience life more vividly. A clean plate enjoys the sweetness of an apple and the taste of pure water; a clear mind can appreciate the beauty of poetry and the wisdom imparted in a story; a polished table reveals the deep grain of the wood. This practice both generates beauty and allows us to appreciate it in all its many forms.

© Donna Farhi