Sunday, April 8, 2012

Santosha or Santosa = Contentment

Santosha is a state of self acceptance of life the way it is. It is a place where you feel that you can accept and be present in the now, whatever that now is. Santosha is not being stagnant, or complacent, but understanding that where ever you are that is where you are supposed to be and it's okay not to know all the answers.
Going through major life changes myself I have recently developed a sense of what this means in a very full and real way. My kids are teenagers (yes, all four of them 14,15,16, & 18) and I am going through a long and painful divorce. My future is uncertain, however isn't that true for all living beings? Through pain we often develop a sense of peace once we move through the stages of grief onto acceptance.  This peace surpasses "easy breezy it's a good day peace" but an understanding that in the midst of trial you can find stillness. Many days my mantra has been "I'm okay right now".  When I look back over the past 41 years of my life I can say for the most part I've been okay most of the days of my life.
Yesterday my kiddo's and I went to my parents house for lunch. They live on a beautiful lake and my mom's partner asked the kids to go fishing on the dock. My second born son, Cole was fishing and he hooked a very large catfish. There was this long wonderful moment when I had all my kids with me, my family was there, everyone was cheering for Cole to bring the catfish in. We were all trying to help and encourage and this sense of completely being in the now, appreciating the now, loving the now, and accepting that being right there with my kids and nature that we were all "Okay right now".

*The big catfish was a mamma with a pregnant belly, she was released back into the lake right after the big fish picture was taken.