Saturday, November 25, 2017

The Struggle with The Struggle

The older I get I believe that so many things in this world are not black and white, however there are things I do believe are clearer than others. Be kind and most people will be kind back, however not everyone will be kind. Make good choices and work hard and there is a pretty good chance you will have a productive life and be able to care for yourself. These things are pretty certain, yet life happens and things happen and we are "human", humans make mistakes. It only takes one bad choice to derail an otherwise productive life. Yet we can, with connection get back on track.

I have come to believe in my nearly five decades on earth that we are the physical manifestation of source energy, or God, or spirit, on earth. We are the extension of God's energy on earth, therefore we have the spirit of God in us. I may be wrong, this is only my perception from practice and life. We are however like clay and even the Bible uses the example of Jesus being a potter. Isaiah 54:8 says that Jesus,  who was a psychical manifestation of God is the potter and we are the clay.  My belief is that there is one God for "all" people and he is shaping and molding us. This is not a religious post by any means but one that is here to express that we are source energy and we can connect to source energy, the love of the God of your understanding,  through meditation, contemplation and love.

When we feel good and right and at our highest self we are likely connected to source. When we feel needy, tired, hungry, sad that is our humanness being molded by the potter. When bad things happen, when people say and do mean things that is the pressure of the world and how we respond is the action of the way we allow source to mold us. How we respond is what comes out when we are put under pressure much like squeezing a sponge.

I told my dear friend the other day "I struggle with the struggle". When someone does something and I feel it's hurtful to me I want so bad to be able to be the example of grace and love but I don't always know how. I actually do feel hurt, sad and at times broken by another persons actions. It is not their action but my reaction that shapes me, I know this and yet it's still hard. My belief is that our humanness is the experience of all of those feelings we have here on earth, and those feelings are the school house, the learning area to navigate life to make us smarter, kinder, wiser spirit filled people. What if all those things, those perceived bad things are exactly what is suppose to be happening? I had a situation recently that hurt very badly and I heard this in my soul "Everything is happening the way it is suppose to Courtney"... So I got that what was happening may seem bad, but it is for the greater good. Now I do not believe all bad things that happen are for good but I do believe source can take the hardships, the pressure and make something good out of it, mold us. Maybe that is when we take our bad and hurtful experiences and help others.

So when you are sad, when you are lonely, depressed or generally in a really bad place in life. Be still. Close your eyes, turn your palms up and simply observe. Observe the messages in your life. Connect through your breath to your body, this is the highway between the mind and the body, this is fastest way to connect to God, and God is always in the present moment. Source is here, right now, right here. Listen inwardly,  you are not your thoughts, you can change your thoughts, you are not your name, your job, you status, your place in the family, you are simply an extension of the great "I am" and when you stop and connect that energy will guide you. Ask the questions "What do I need?", "What would you have me do?", "What is right?", "Should I respond or be silent?" Then listen in your gut, literally you will feel it. If the answer you get feels "good" that is source, if you feel bad, sad , guilty that is not. Sift through it and when you know with certainty how to respond then do so. It's okay to set boundaries with people, and mean what you say without being mean. It's okay also to be silent until you know what you need to do. You are not wrong or right, you are simply a student of life.

Be open and allow source to flow through you. Source, The God of your understanding, only has your highest good in mind at all times. Listen and be open and you will see it, you will start to see, it will show up in your life once you become aware. You become aware by going to that still quite place inside.

Love and Light,

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